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06 August 2014 | 14:08 The Minister of Environment and Water in the caretaker government Ms Svetlana Zhekova took office She received the symbolic key of the Ministry from the outgoing Minister Mr Stanislav Anastassov more ...
19 June 2014 | 17:08 Minister Stanislav Anastasov took office stating commitment to continuity He received the symbolic key of the Ministry from the former Minister Ms Iskra Mihaylova more ...
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14 November 2013 | 14:21 Deputy Minister Atanas Kostadinov opened the 11th Conference of the International Network of Basin Organizations-Europe Deputy Minister Kostadinov said that the goal is the integrated water management a classic European approach more ...
29 May 2013 | 17:29 Minister Iskra Mihaylova took office stating that environment and climate change issues should find their place in all sector policies in Bulgaria She received the symbolic key fro the Ministry of Environment and Water from the former minister Julian Popov more ...
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